Creating a global report theme
You can group one or more report item themes and styles into global report themes. These global themes are stored in a library and enable you to change the formatting and display of all items in a report design, template or another library.
A library can contain any number of global report themes, and a global report theme can contain any number of styles or report item themes. Use a global report theme to assign themes and styles to every item in a report at the same time.
BIRT Designer Professional supports the following types of styles:
*Create a custom style, and apply it to a report element. For example, you can create a style named Report Title, then apply the style to a label that displays the report title.
*Apply style properties to predefined style names, or selectors. These predefined style names correspond to the different types of report elements. For example, you can apply style properties to a predefined style named table‑header, and all table headers in the report are formatted accordingly. This technique is similar to defining styles in CSS where you associate styles with HTML elements, such as <H1> or <P>.
*Importing or linking supported CSS2 files or loading CSS3 files using head.js. CSS3 specifications are supported for client-side viewing in web browsers that support CSS3.
BIRT Designer Professional provides theme support for the following report item types:
*Charts, BIRT or JavaScript HTML5 charts
*Cross Tab
*Dynamic Text
*Flash Chart
For information about building and using BIRT report libraries, see BIRT: A Field Guide.
How to create a global report theme
1 In BIRT Designer Professional, choose FileNewLibrary.
2 In New Library, specify the folder in which to create the library, specify a file name, then choose Finish. If a warning message appears, choose OK.
3 In Outline, right-click Themes and choose New Theme.
4 In New Theme, type the name for the new global theme and choose OK. You can now add report item themes to the global theme.
5 In Outline, right-click themes and choose New Them.
6 Type a name for the theme and choose OK.
7 Right-click the new theme and choose from the following:
*Choose New Report Item Theme and select a report item that will use the theme. Then, select a report item type and choose OK.
*Choose New Style to create a style for the global theme. Choose OK when you have finished selecting values for the new style.
8 Repeat step 7 until you finish adding all of the styles and report item themes in the global report theme.