Displaying or hiding dimension levels
When you insert into the cross tab a dimension that contains multiple levels (for example, year, quarter, month), by default, the cross tab displays only the top level. You can, at any time, select additional levels to display. You can even skip levels. For example, in a year-quarter-month hierarchy, you can display the year and the month, and skip the quarter.
How to display or hide levels
1 Click the button next to the data element, as shown in Figure 24‑38.
Figure 24‑38 Displaying a menu for a selected element in the cross tab
2 Choose Show or Hide Group Levels.
3 In Show or Hide Group Levels, select the levels to display. Figure 24‑39 shows an example of selecting all levels.
Figure 24‑39 Show or Hide Group Levels
In the example, the time dimension has only three levels. If you want to display additional levels, such as week-of-month or day-of‑month, edit the definition of the time dimension in the cube builder.
4 Choose OK. BIRT creates a data element for each selected level, as shown in Figure 24‑40.
Figure 24‑40 Cross tab displays a data element each for the year, quarter, and month levels