Changing the appearance of an HTML button
As with other report elements, you can modify an HTML button by changing property values, such as its name, its value, or aspects of its appearance. The tabs on the property sheet for the element support altering the appearance, visibility, and other features.
The general properties page provides the ability to change the size, color, and the appearance of the text of the button. By default, the button’s size adjusts to the length of the text on the button. If a report contains multiple buttons and you want all the buttons displaying at the same size, specify values for the Width and Height properties.
The general properties page also supports adding an image to the face of the button. Use the Upload button next to the Image property to add an image. Before doing so, verify the image file is the appropriate size for the button. A button expands to display the image in its full size unless you specify Width and Height values. If an image is large, and you use the default auto-sizing feature, the button is large. If you use explicit Width and Height values, and the image is larger than the specified button size, the image is truncated. To change the size of an image, you must edit the image using a graphic editing tool.
Figure 32‑13 shows the general properties for an HTML button.
Figure 32‑13 General properties for an HTML button
Use the padding settings, as shown in Figure 32‑14, to add extra space around the text or image on the face of the HTML button.
Figure 32‑14 Padding properties for an HTML button
Padding supports the use of different units, such as inches or points. When you add padding, it affects the HTML button as shown in Figure 32‑15. The button on the left uses the default padding values. The button on the right uses padding values of 0.5 inch at the top and bottom.
Figure 32‑15 Padding added to an HTML button using an image
Use the margin settings to increase the space around the entire button. Specifying margin values is similar to specifying padding values, as shown in Figure 32‑16.
Figure 32‑16 Margin properties for an HTML button
Whereas padding modifies the size of the HTML button, margins modify the space around the button and do not change the button size. Figure 32‑17 shows two buttons, each in a cell. The button on the left uses the default margin values. The button on the right uses margin values of 0.5 at the top and bottom.
Figure 32‑17 Margin space around an HTML button in a table
Visibility, Page Break, Table of Contents, and other properties operate in the same manner as they do for other report elements.
How to change the name or value of an HTML button
1 Double-click the HTML button.
2 In HTML Button, in Name, type the new button name. In Value, type the new value.
3 Choose OK. The HTML button displays the new value.