Placing report elements
You can place report elements in a page using one of the following methods:
*Drag an element from the palette and drop it in the page.
*Use the Insert menu to select an element to place.
*Drag a data set field from Data Explorer and drop it in a table, grid, or list. BIRT Report Designer inserts a data element to display the contents of the data set field.
When you drag an element from the palette, two cursors appear in the layout editor, as shown in Figure 6‑14. The arrow cursor tracks your mouse movement. The straight cursor moves to the left or bottom of an existing report element when you move the mouse pointer around on the page. It shows where the element is placed when you release the mouse button.
Figure 6‑14 Straight cursor and arrow cursor indicate placement of an element
If you drop the element when the straight cursor is below an element, the new element appears on the next line, after the existing report element. Figure 6‑15 shows the new element in the design.
Figure 6‑15 Inserted element placed beneath existing text element
Placing report elements side by side
By default, the layout editor does not allow you to place report elements side by side directly on the page. For example, you cannot place two labels, two tables, or a picture and a text element next to one another. The layout editor inserts the second element below the first one. To place multiple elements horizontally across the page, place them in a container element, such as a grid or table. Alternatively, use Property Editor to change the Display property of the elements from Block to Inline.