Sharing project files
You can publish project files to locations on the iHub server such as a user folder or a folder for a specific department. You can also update selected files in a published BIRT application, such as dashboards, libraries, reports, and templates.
How to publish a file to iHub
To publish a file, such as a dashboard or report design, to an iHub server, complete the following steps:
1 Select the file in the BIRT project that you want to deploy in Navigator. Figure 42‑18 shows the selection of a report design in the BIRT Project folder.
Figure 42‑18 Selecting a file to publish
2 Choose FilePublish.
3 In Publish, select Publish Files if it is not already selected.
4 Select a server profile. If there is no appropriate profile in the iHub profile list, create a new profile by choosing Add.
5 Select Publish Files.
6 In Destination, type or browse for the location on the volume in which to publish the file, as shown in Figure 42‑19.
Figure 42‑19 Selecting a server and location
7 Choose Publish. A window showing the file upload status appears.
In Publishing, wait until the upload finishes, then choose OK, as shown in Figure 42‑20.
Figure 42‑20 Confirming the report publishing
8 In Publish, choose Close.