Using a label element
You can place a label directly on the page or in any of the container elements. When you insert a label, the layout editor displays an empty label with a cursor in it, as shown in Figure 7‑7.
Figure 7‑7 Empty label in the layout editor
Start typing the text to display, then press Enter when you finish.
Figure 7‑8 shows the result.
Figure 7‑8 Label text in the layout editor
You can edit the text in the label by double-clicking the label or by selecting the label and pressing F2, then typing the new text.
You can change the format of the text by selecting the label, then setting the desired style properties in the property editor. For example, you can specify a different font, text alignment, size, or color. These properties apply to the entire text string. You cannot, for example, set one word to bold and another to italic. If variable formats are a requirement, use a text element instead.