Dependencies for the CSV ODA driver extension
In Figure 25‑5, the Dependencies page shows a list of plug-ins that must be available on the classpath of the CSV ODA driver extension to compile and run.
Figure 25‑5 The CSV ODA Dependencies page
The ODA Runtime driver wizard adds the following dependencies to your plug‑in:
You can run the Organize Manifests wizard at the end of your work to optimize the dependencies settings. To open the wizard, expand META-INF and right‑click MANIFEST.MF. Choose Plug‑in ToolsOrganize Manifests. Figure 25‑6 shows an example of settings to use when running the wizard.
Figure 25‑6 Organize Manifests Wizard
The link to this wizard is on the Overview page of the Manifest Editor. The next wizard page displays the changes in the plug-in manifest file. You can review the proposed changes and accept or decline the modifications.