Tutorial 14: Adding an interactive chart filter to a BIRT report
In this tutorial, you add an interactive chart control to a BIRT report design that implements a filter on the other charts in the report design. You perform the following tasks:
*Add bookmarks.
*Add a filter script to chart interactivity.
Task 1: Add bookmarks
In this task, you preview a report called InteractiveChartandTable.rptdesign and add a bookmark to the chart and table.
1 In Navigator, open InteractiveChartandTable.rptdesign.
2 Choose RunView ReportIn Web Viewer to view the report, as shown in Figure 17‑24.
3 Choose Layout to return to the layout editor.
Figure 17‑24 Previewing the report
4 Select the chart entitled Sales by Quarter. In the property editor, open PropertiesBookmark. Set the bookmark value to "SalesChart", as shown in Figure 17‑25.
Figure 17‑25 Setting the chart bookmark property
5 Repeating the process of step 5, for the table entitled Product Line, set the bookmark value to "ProductTable".
Task 2: Add a filter script to chart interactivity
In this task, you add a filter script to the Sales by Quarter chart to affect the other charts.
1 Double-click on the Sales by Quarter chart. In Edit Chart, select Format Chart
SeriesValue (Y) Series. Then choose Interactivity.
2 On Series Interactivity, select Mouse Click for event, and Invoke Script for action, as shown in Figure 17‑26.
Figure 17‑26 Interactivity settings for invoking a script on mouse click
3 In the Script text box, add the following code:
var atable = actuate.getViewer(evt.srcElement || evt.target)
.getCurrentPageContent( ).getTableByBookmark("ProductTable" );
atable.setFilters(new actuate.data.Filter("QUANTITYORDERED", actuate.data.Filter.GREATER_THAN, valueData/200));
In Edit Chart, choose Finish.
4 View the report by choosing RunView ReportIn Web Viewer.
5 Select a bar in the table to activate the filter, as shown in Figure 17‑27.
Figure 17‑27 Filtered product table after selecting a chart value