Controlling the Interactive Crosstabs viewer user interface
Show or hide Interactive Crosstabs viewer features with the actuate.xtabanalyzer.UIOptions class. The UIOptions class includes functions that support the ability to hide or show different features of the viewer. Figure 18‑4 shows what functions affect the viewer display.
Figure 18‑4 Interactive Crosstabs viewer showing areas altered with UIOptions
Pass true or false values to the UIOptions functions to display or hide the portion of the viewer that is associated with that particular function, as shown in the following code:
var uiOptions = new actuate.xtabanalyzer.UIOptions( );
// ctViewer is an instance of the XTabAnalyzer class.
ctViewer.setUIOptions( uiOptions );
This code produces a viewer similar to Figure 18‑5.
Figure 18‑5 Interactive Crosstabs viewer with settable UIOptions off
In addition to the UIOptions class, some details shown within the viewer can be hidden with Crosstab.showDetail( ) and Crosstab.hideDetail( ).
For example, the cross tab in Figure 18‑5 has a SalesDate dimension consisting
of three levels: year, quarter, and month. The following code hides the detail
from the quarter level of the dimension. In this example, crosstab is an actuate.xtabanalyzer.Crosstab object:
crosstab.submit( );
The code in this example modifies the cross tab so it longer shows the month detail level, as shown in Figure 18‑6.
Figure 18‑6 Cross tab with level detail hidden
To display the detail again, use showDetail( ).
var axisType = actuate.xtabanalyzer.Dimension.ROW_AXIS_TYPE;
crosstab.submit( );