Using the Actuate JavaScript API in chart themes
BIRT reports support adding themes to a chart to apply common elements to similar charts. Access chart themes by exporting and then editing a theme or by creating a new theme. Implement Actuate JavaScript API functions within specific theme elements or in the script feature of the theme.
A chart theme supports executing a script before or after certain events, such
as before rendering the chart. For example, you can add scripts for beforeGeneration, beforeRendering, beforeDrawAxis, beforeDrawSeries, beforeDrawDataPoint, and afterRendering when editing a chart theme, as shown in Figure 17‑28.
Figure 22-16 Chart showing a ToolTipFigure 22-16 Chart showing a ToolTip
Figure 17‑28 Adding script elements in edit chart theme
In an HTML5 chart, you can use the classes to alter the report display. For example, to render every data point in the series that is greater than avgValue in a green color, use code similar to the following:
beforeDrawSeries: function(series, seriesOptions, tempChart, seriesIndex){
for ( var i = 0; i <; i++ ){
// Find out if this data point is above average
if ([i].y <= aveValue ){
// The data point is above average. Color it green
var pointOptions =[i];
pointOptions.color = 'green';