Accessing the BIRT Viewer using a URI
The BIRT Viewer servlet provides tools to display and affect BIRT document and design files. This servlet provides both the BIRT Viewer and the BIRT Interactive Viewer. The Interactive Viewer is licensed separately from the BIRT Viewer. To create a link using the URL provided by the Link to this page menu item in the viewer, the HTML page containing the link must use a strict document type definition (DTD). To use the strict DTD, use the following code at the beginning of the HTML page markup:
The BIRT Viewer provides navigation toolbar options, as shown in Figure 21‑1.
Figure 21‑1 BIRT Viewer
The Interactive Viewer displays the report with toolbar options to navigate the report, a menu to perform additional tasks, and provides context menus to edit and format report elements, as shown in Figure 21‑2.
Figure 21‑2 BIRT Interactive Viewer
The BIRT Viewer servlet supports rptdocument file formats. When an rptdesign files runs, an rptdocument file is generated and displays in the BIRT Viewer.
URI parameters
Table 21‑1 lists and describes the URI parameters for the BIRT Viewer servlet.
Table 21‑1 IVServlet URI parameters
URI parameter
_ _bookmark
Name of the element of a report to display instead of the whole report file.
_ _floatingfooter
Boolean value to add a margin under the footer.
_ _format
A format for the displayed report:
*pdf: Adobe PDF
*xls: Microsoft Excel
*doc: Microsoft Word
*ppt: Microsoft PowerPoint
*ps: PostScript
*html: HTML
*flashchartsxml: Used to display a fusion chart
*flashgadgetsxml: Used to display Flash gadgets in a fusion chart
*reportlet: Used with _ _bookmark to show a particular part or element of the report
_ _from_page_range
The page range of a report to display.
_ _from_page_style
The page style to use for a report in pdf or ps formats:
*auto: The page size and content size remain the same.
*actualSize: Change the page size to fit the content.
*fitToWholePage: Change the content size to fit the page size.
Used with the _ _format parameter.
_ _imageid
Identifier of the report file image to display.
_ _instanceid
Identifier of the report file to display.
_ _launchiv
A Boolean value that enables interactivity.
_ _locale
Code for a locale. For example FR_fr specifies the French language and the country, France.
_ _page
The number of a page to render.
_ _report
Name of the report file to display.
_ _rtl
Boolean value that specifies right-to-left orientation for the report.
The URL that accesses iHub, such as
The user’s identifier, required to log in to the iHub.
A string value specifying the volume for this report.
For example, to access the first version of the Top Sales Peformers.rptdocument from the local host, use a URI similar to the following:
/Top Sales Performers.rptdocument;1