Creating a custom security adapter
The Visualization Platform security adapter enables other applications to authenticate users and log in to the Visualization Platform application, for example, by using a URL. A custom security adapter can define alternate authentication requirements. In this way, a Visualization Platform security adapter establishes an additional layer of logic to the existing Visualization Platform authentication, as shown in Figure 12‑1.
Figure 12‑1 Visualization Platform authentication system
A user cannot update their password from Visualization Platform if a custom security adapter class is set. In this way, Visualization Platform prevents conflicts between the user’s current password and the security system that is used to verify passwords.
To create a custom security adapter, perform the following steps:
*Ensure that your application can access the IPSE Java classes.
*Create a Java class that implements the custom security adapter class for IPSE.
*Deploy the Custom Security Adapter to iHub Information Console client.