Accessing the Actuate schema using a web browser
To access the list of BIRT iHub WSDL files using a web browser, type the following URL:
*localhost is the machine name.
*8000 is the port to which the SOAP endpoint binds.
This URL retrieves the WSDL file list for the Apache Axis and Microsoft .NET development environments, as shown in Figure 9‑2.
Figure 9‑2 Accessing the iHub WSDL files using a web browser
To run a utility that displays the list of classes defined in a WSDL file, choose one of the items in the list. For example, in IDAPI/SSI, choose Apache Axis to view the list of operation classes defined in that WSDL file. The list of Information Delivery API operation classes appears, as shown in Figure 9‑3.
Figure 9‑3 Actuate Information Delivery API operations
To view the WSDL schema definition for a particular operation class, choose the class name. To view the entire contents of the WSDL file, choose All or type the following URL:
Choosing All displays the entire WSDL document, as shown in Figure 9‑4. Choosing Login displays the schema for the Login operation, preceded by iHub namespace information, as shown in Figure 9‑4.
Figure 9‑4 WSDL schema definitions