Class actuate.xtabanalyzer.EventConstants
Defines constants for xtabanalyzer events. Table 8‑6 lists the cross tab analyzer event constants.
Table 8‑6 actuate.xtabanalyzer.Dimension constants
Content changed event. Triggers when the displayed content has changed, for example when changing cross tab report content. The event handler takes an actuate.XTabAnalyzer object that represents the viewer for which the event occurred, as the only parameter.
Content selected event. Triggers when a user clicks on report elements. The event handler takes the following parameters:
*actuate.XTabAnalyzer: object viewer for which event occurred
*actuate.xtabanalyzer.SelectedContent: the SelectedContent object
Exception event. Triggers when an exception occurs during an asynchronous operation. The event handler takes the following arguments:
*actuate.XTabAnalyzer: viewer for which the event occurred
*actuate.Exception: Exception object
Session time-out event. When a session time‑out event occurs and the user tries to perform any operation on a viewer, a prompt dialog appears asking the user whether or not to log in again. When the user chooses to log in again, the ON_SESSION_TIMEOUT event triggers. When no handler is registered for this event, a default built-in login dialog will be displayed.
The event handler takes one parameter: an actuate.XTabAnalyzer object, representing the viewer where the event occurred.