Actuate JavaScript API classes quick reference
Table 7‑1 lists the Actuate JavaScript API classes.
Table 7‑1 Actuate JavaScript API classes 
JavaScript class
Entry point to the Actuate JavaScript API library
Exception caused by failed authentication
Exception caused by a failed connection
Dashboard class
Dashboard wrapper class
Global constants for the dashboard events class
Dashboard gadget script class
Dashboard tab class
Conditions to filter data
Represents downloaded content
Represents and processes a request for report data
Results retrieved from a report document in response to a request
Sort conditions to sort data
Data services to retrieve data from a report document
Exception object passed to a callback function or exception handler
Parameters from a report
Global navigation and layout constants used for the Parameter class
Converts parameters into specific and generic formats
Defines the events for parameters this API library supports
Display name and the associated value
A high-level wrapper for an actuate.parameter
.ParameterDefinition object
Qualities, options, name, and format for a parameter as the parameter displays and accepts values
The parameter’s value as processed by a report
A report chart
A report data item
A report Flash object
A report gadget
An HTML5 enabled chart
Options for an HTML5 enabled chart
A data point for an HTML5 enabled chart
A data series for an HTML5 enabled chart
A Highcharts object
A Highcharts renderer object
A report label element
A report table element
A report text element
The report explorer general container
Global constants used for ReportExplorer class
Global EventConstants used for ReportExplorer class
A file listed in the ReportExplorer and the file’s properties
A JavaScript version of com.actuate.schemas.FileCondition
A JavaScript version of com.actuate.schemas.FileSearch
A JavaScript version of com.actuate
A JavaScript version of com.actuate
URL parameters for requests to an iHub volume
A report viewer component that can be embedded in an HTML page
A non-scrolling panel display
Defines the events for the viewer this API library supports
Content shown on the viewer
Parameter values in the viewer
Options for downloading reports
A scrolling panel display
Selected report element
Enables UI elements of the scrolling panel display
Enables UI elements of the viewer
Exception constants supported for the viewer