Hiding and displaying report elements
This section describes how to use Interactive Viewer to hide or display elements in a report, such as a column or table header, a report table, a chart or gadget, and an image in the report.
How to hide or display report items
1 Choose Hide/Show Items from the main menu. Hide or Show Items appears, as shown in Figure 7‑16.
Figure 7‑16 Hiding or displaying report items
2 Select the items to display. Deselect the items to hide. To hide all items, choose Clear. Then, choose OK.
Hiding group details
When you work with a report that organizes data in groups, you can change the report to a summary report by hiding the group details. Hiding details, particularly for a report that runs into hundreds of pages, helps you display key information at a glance.
In a report containing multiple groups, it is sometimes useful to hide the details for a specific group if you do not want to display all the information at the same time. Figure 7‑17 shows two reports that contain the same data. The report on the left shows all details. The report on the right hides the details within each product line group.
Figure 7‑17 Comparing reports showing and hiding product details
How to hide group details
Select and right‑click the grouped column whose details you want to hide. Choose GroupHide Detail.
How to redisplay group details
Select and right‑click the grouped column, then choose GroupShow Detail.