Running a BIRT design file
A design, such as an Actuate BIRT design (.rptdesign), is an executable file that when run, generates a document. This section shows how to run a BIRT design to generate a BIRT document (.rptdocument) immediately, without saving it.
How to run a design
1 Navigate to the folder containing the BIRT design to run. This example uses Customer Order History, a design in the /Applications/BIRT Sample App/Report Designs folder, as shown in Figure 2‑19.
Figure 2‑19 Viewing sample BIRT design files
2 Select the menu icon next to the design, then choose Run, as shown in Figure 2‑20.
Figure 2‑20 Choosing to run Customer Order History
3 In Parameters, choose the value Classic Gift Ideas, Inc., as shown in Figure 2‑21.
Figure 2‑21 Running a design
4 Choose Finish. Information Console displays the document in the viewer, as shown in Figure 2‑22.
Figure 2‑22 Document displayed in Actuate Viewer