Understanding printing options
Advanced scheduling enables users to print the output document. Information Console must have access to a printer to print the output of a scheduled job. The install program configures access to printers in Windows, but not in Linux.
To print the document, either by sending it to an iHub printer or printing it to a file on the server, you must first select Print the output document on the server. This setting activates the other options in Print. In Override default settings, accept the default values, or choose to override the default settings for any of the print options. Then, set print options. Figure 3‑20 shows the available printing options.
Figure 3‑20 Specifying printing options for a job
The PostScript section contains additional options, including specifying page range, page style, and chart DPI.
Table 3‑12 describes the available print options for a scheduled job.
Table 3‑12 Schedule—Print properties
Print the output document on the server
Prints the output document.
Selects a printer. The initial value is the user’s default printer.
The following read-only text about the printer, if available:
*The manufacturer’s name
*The printer model name
*A description of the printer
*The location of the printer
Print to file
Creates a PostScript (.ps) file.
The scale at which to print the output, expressed as a percentage.
Resolutions at which to print the output, if supported.
Black-and-white or color.
Number of copies
The number of copies to print, and whether to collate the copies.
2-Sided printing
Single-sided or double-sided, and specifies whether double‑sided printing is top-to-top or side-to-side.
Page size
Pick from an extensive list of standard paper sizes.
Paper tray
Specify the paper source.
Page range (BIRT design or document only)
Selects all pages or selected pages by number or by range, or both.
Page style (BIRT design or document only)
Sets the size to either the actual size, fit to page width, or fit to whole page.
BIDI processing (BIRT design or document only)
Suppresses bidirectional processing of data.
Text wrapping (BIRT design or document only)
Wraps text. If deselected, text appears on one continuous line.
Font substitution (BIRT design or document only)
Substitutes fonts on the user’s computer in lieu of the fonts specified by the design designer. If deselected prevents font substitution.
Chart DPI (BIRT design or document only)
Selects dots per inch, which determines the resolution of images and print in the document.
How to set print options and print a document
1 To print a document, choose Schedule. Choose Advanced Scheduling, then choose Print.
2 Select Print the output document on the server.
3 Select the printer to use and specify standard print options, such as scale, number of copies, and page range to print.
When you finish specifying the other scheduling options such as parameters, output format, privileges, and notifications, choose OK.