Understanding Datamart Security
Only an administrator has access to the Datamart Security option. Datamart Security supports filtering the data a scheduled job generates. Select one or more user groups or users in Datamart Security before submitting the job. The job generates a document containing only the data that the selected user groups or users have permission to view.
Optionally, in Custom users group, specify a string that the design recognizes and can also use to filter data the job generates.
For more information about page-level security development, see Integrating Applications into BIRT iHub. Figure 3‑21 shows Datamart Security.
Figure 3‑21 Selecting roles or users for which to filter job output
How to configure Datamart Security
1 Log in to Information Console as Administrator.
2 From the menu icon next to a file, choose Schedule.
3 Choose Advanced Scheduling, then select Datamart Security.
4 Select User Groups or Users to see the available user groups and users, as shown in Figure 3‑21.
5 In Available, select the user or user group to use, then choose the right arrow. The user or user group appears in Selected.
6 Optionally, enter a string in Custom users group or Custom user. Select Add.
The string appears in Selected.