Deleting a job or completion notice
When Information Console completes processing a job, it dispatches all requested completion notices and displays the job in My Jobs. Users cannot recover a job completion notice after deleting it.
How to delete a job from My Jobs
1 Log in to Information Console using the login credentials provided by the administrator.
2 In the navigation pane, choose My Jobs.
3 In My Jobs, in the display pane, choose the job you want to delete, as shown in Figure 3‑24.
Figure 3‑24 Viewing completed jobs
4 Choose Delete Job, shown in Figure 3‑25.
Figure 3‑25 Deleting a job
How to delete a job notification
1 Choose Notifications from the navigation pane.
2 Choose the job to view the completion notice.
3 Choose Delete Job.
A confirmation notice appears letting you know that the job was successfully deleted.