Getting started with BIRT iHub Information Console
You launch Information Console using a URL in a web browser. Obtain the URL, login credentials, and volume name from your administrator. When a user logs in to a volume, the navigation pane displays the files and folders and available resources.
Information Console supports customization to meet diverse organizational needs. This document describes features and options available to a user granted read, write, and execute access privileges to the user’s home folder and the volume’s Resources folder, and to subfolders and files in both these folders. Additionally, depending on the user group assigned, the user can have access to additional folders necessary for the group.
The example in Figure 1‑3 shows parts of the Documents page that appears when a user who has not been assigned a home folder logs in to Information Console.
Figure 1‑3 Examining the Visualization Platform page
Table 1‑1 describes parts of the Information Console page.
Table 1‑1 Parts of the Information Console web page
Part name
Banner menu
Contains options to view and modify the user profile, access online help, and log out of Information Console
Display pane
Displays the list of files and folders in the volume or in a selected folder
Inner banner menu
Contains links to select and deselect all items in the folder, perform operations on selected items, create a report or dashboard if you have purchased these licensed options, upload a file, create a folder, and search the volume using a text string or a filter
Navigation pane
Displays the folder hierarchy in the volume, and links to My Jobs and Notifications in the current volume
Contact your administrator if you need access to features described in this document that do not appear in your installation. For example, an administrator can limit access to several subfolders in the Documents folder. Even though a complete list of folders is visible in the navigation pane when you log in, without the appropriate access privileges, you may not be able to access files in all the visible folders.