Logging in to Information Console
The following section describes how to log in to Information Console as a regular user with an assigned home folder, accessing the default volume.
How to log in to Information Console
1 Launch a web browser.
2 In the address bar, type the URL you obtain from your administrator, such as:
3 In Account Login, in the first field, type the user name, for example, pcastillo. In the next field, type the password for the user, as shown in Figure 1‑5. Passwords can be up to 256 characters in length and can contain any characters except control characters or spaces. Passwords are case-sensitive.
Figure 1‑5 Logging in to Information Console as a user
When a user with an assigned home folder logs in to Information Console, the user’s home folder appears, as shown in Figure 1‑6. If a user does not have a home folder, the volume root folder, named Documents, appears. The administrator typically creates a home folder for a user when creating the user, and assigns the privileges the user needs.
Figure 1‑6 Viewing the home folder of a user named pcastillo
Accessing a different volume
An out-of-the-box BIRT iHub installation contains a default volume, named Default Volume. If you do not specify a volume name when logging in to Information Console, you log in to Default Volume. To access a different volume, specify the volume name during login, as described in the following section.
How to log in to a different volume
1 In the Information Console Login page, in the first field, type the volume name, followed by the backslash (\) character, and the user name.
Figure 1‑7 shows Administrator logging in to a volume called sales_volume.
Figure 1‑7 Logging in to Information Console
to access sales_volume
2 Type the password for the user in the next field.
3 Choose Log In.
Modifying user profiles
Using Information Console, users can manage their profile information by changing their e‑mail address, password, time zone, language, home folder path, and dashboard URL. The following section describes how to modify a user’s profile information.
How to modify user profile information
1 Log in to Information Console as a user.
2 Select the user icon to display the menu, then choose My Profile. My Profile appears, as shown in Figure 1‑8.
Figure 1‑8 Managing user profile information
3 In My Profile, complete the following steps:
*Type an optional description for the user.
*Type a new e‑mail address.
A user can update or add an e-mail address that Information Console associates with the user. This e-mail address is used to notify a user of document job completion or failure.
The notification can include the generated document as an attachment to the e‑mail message. If e-mail notifications do not arrive, contact your administrator to see if the e-mail service is available.
*Select a new language from the list.
*Select a different time zone from the list.
*Specify a new path to the user’s home folder.
*Specify the default dashboard. Type the path to a dashboard file to which you have access starting with the root of the volume, for example,
/Dashboards/pcastillo/Dashboard_1.dashboard. After choosing Save on My Profile, as shown in Figure 1‑8, you can open the default dashboard by entering the following URL in the browser address bar:
where <localhost> is the host name or IP address of the BIRT iHub server. If you enter this URL before logging in to Information Console, Account Login displays. Log in to Information Console. Information Console opens the default dashboard.
*Modify your password.
The administrator sets an initial user name and password for each user. To change the password, complete the following steps:
*In Current Password, type your current password.
*In Password, type a new password.
*In Confirm Password, type the new password once again.
Logging out of a volume
In Information Console, select the user icon to display the menu, as shown in Figure 1‑9. Then, choose Logout.
Figure 1‑9 Logging out of Information Console