About Interactive Viewer
This section describes the additional functions available using Interactive Viewer. Interactive Viewer provides users with complete access to the features available in Actuate Viewer. In addition, Interactive Viewer enables users to easily customize reports based on individual needs and preferences. Using Interactive Viewer, users can modify the layout of the report, create computed data, move or delete columns, create aggregate data, modify tables displaying summary information, modify charts and graphs, modify data in cross tabs, and rearrange data using simple menu options. You can view and modify a report containing up to 200 pages in Interactive Viewer.
Interactive Viewer operates on a BIRT document file generated from a BIRT design created in Report Studio or BIRT Designer Professional. As a result, some properties specified at design time, such as formatting, filters, and so on, cannot be modified using Interactive Viewer. In Interactive Viewer, you can make changes to the BIRT document file, save it as a BIRT design and edit the BIRT design using Report Studio and BIRT Designer Professional.
When you purchase the viewers, you have immediate access to Actuate Viewer. To access Interactive Viewer, your system administrator must enable this option on your system, for which you must purchase the Interactive Viewer license.
To view a BIRT report in Interactive Viewer, first view the report using Actuate Viewer. From the main menu, choose Enable Interactivity to launch Interactive Viewer. The menu displays two new options, Undo and Redo, indicating that you are in Interactive Viewer mode. Choose Disable Interactivity from the main menu to return to Actuate Viewer mode.
In Interactive Viewer, select and right‑click any column in the report. The context menu provides options such as New Computed Column, Format, Sort, Filter, and so on, with additional options you can use to modify your report. To modify the column, choose an option from the context menu, shown in Figure 5‑3.
Figure 5‑3 Column menu