Setting volume‑level printer options
The volume recognizes and supports printers that are set up for BIRT iHub. You do not have to install printers specifically for the volume. You do, however, customize printer settings for each printer that is available to the volume.
Only an application administrator can set printer options at the volume level. Users can accept values for these printer properties as defaults, or set them on individual print jobs.
Table 3‑2 describes these properties.
Table 3‑2 Volume-level printer properties
The scale at which to print the output, expressed as a percentage.
The resolution at which to print the output.
Black and white or color.
Number of copies
The number of copies to print.
Collate the copies.
2-Sided printing
*1-Sided Print
*Flip on long edge (double-sided, side by side)
*Flip on short edge (double-sided, top to top)
Page size
An extensive drop-down list of standard international formats.
Paper tray
The paper source.
Some printers do not support all these options.
When a user prints a document, BIRT iHub adheres to printing specifications from the following sources, in order of precedence:
*Printer property values set for the current print job.
*Printer property values that are set at the volume level by the application administrator.
For a print request when scheduling a job, BIRT iHub uses the page size that the user explicitly selects. If the user does not select a page size, BIRT iHub uses the page size that the scheduled design or document specifies. If the scheduled design or document does not specify a page size, BIRT iHub uses the volume default setting.
Using Manage Volume—Printing, an application administrator can set property values for any BIRT iHub printer and specify the default printer for an volume.
How to set volume-level printer properties
1 Choose Manage Volume from the side menu in Information Console. Then, select Printing.
2 On Printing, specify a default printer and printer settings for the volume, as shown in Figure 3‑4.
Figure 3‑4 Setting print properties on Volume—Properties—Printing
If available, BIRT iHub displays the following information from the printer and operating system:
When you finish setting the properties for a printer, you can set properties for a different printer by selecting it from the Printer drop-down list. You do not need to choose OK between printer selections.
When you have specified settings for all printers, choose OK.