Deleting users
The administrator can delete one user only, or all users simultaneously.
How to delete a single user
Left-click the arrowhead icon next to the user name in the users list and choose Delete to delete a user, as shown in Figure 2‑14.
Figure 2‑14 Deleting a single user
How to delete selected users
Check the boxes next to the users you want to delete. Then, left-click Actions and choose Delete. Using the users list shown in Figure 2‑15 for example, System Console deletes Caroline Rojas and Jean Gaspard.
Figure 2‑15 Deleting selected users
If the names of the users you want to delete share a common string, you can use the search feature to isolate the users, then use the Select All and Delete All features to delete the users. For example, using the users shown in Figure 2‑15, perform the following tasks:
1 Type *ar in Search. Then choose the arrowhead icon in the check box to the left of Actions and select Select All, as shown in Figure 2‑16.
Figure 2‑16 Choosing Select All to select all unhidden users
2 Choose Actions. Then, select Delete, as shown in Figure 2‑17.
Figure 2‑17 Choosing Delete All to delete all unhidden users
3 Choose All in the list of user groups or the ‘x’ icon in Search to display the entire users list. Caroline Rojas and Jean Gaspard no longer appear in the list.