Creating a user group
On User Groups, the administrator chooses Add User Group to create a new user group, as shown in Figure 2‑18. On Create New User Group, a side menu lists the following categories, for which the administrator performs tasks to create a user group, as shown in Figure 2‑19.
Configure General properties, such as user group name and description.
Assign one or more users to the user group.
How to create a new user group
This section demonstrates creating a user group named Engineering.
1 On User Groups, choose Add User Group, as shown in Figure 2‑18.
2 Set the following properties on Create New User Group—General, as shown in Figure 2‑19:
Type the user group name.
Type a description for the user group, such as the department name.
Type an e-mail address for the user group.
Figure 2‑19 Specifying user group properties on General
3 Choose Assign Users from the side menu.
4 On Create New User Group—Users, assign Walter Osborne to the new user group by moving Walter Osborne from the left‑hand list of users to the right‑hand list of users, as shown in Figure 2‑20. Use Search available users to isolate a particular user or subset of users from which to choose, if necessary.
Figure 2‑20 Assigning a user to a user group
Choose Save. Confirm that you want to save the changes.
Engineering appears in the list of user groups on User Groups.