Viewing the list of user groups
User Groups displays all existing user groups. Choose User Groups to view the entire user groups list, or filter the list to display only the user groups where the user name contains a specified search string.
iHub Administration supports using an asterisk (*) in a search string as a wildcard character. The asterisk represents zero or more characters, excluding spaces and punctuation.
How to filter the list of user groups using a search string
Using the User Groups list shown in Figure 2‑24 as an example, type *ee, one character at a time, in Search. Watch the effect of the filtering on the list of user groups after typing each character of the string. BIRT iHub automatically filters the list based on the string that Search contains. After typing the entire string in Search, the list contains one entry, the Engineering user group, as shown in Figure 2‑25.
Figure 2‑24 Viewing the user groups list before filtering
Figure 2‑25 Viewing the results of filtering the user groups list
To display all list entries again, delete the string in Search by choosing the ‘x’ icon in Search, or press the Backspace key.