Managing a column
This section describes how to use Interactive Viewer to change the order of columns in a report, delete report columns that are not necessary, hide existing columns, and display hidden columns. When you delete a column from the report, you cannot insert it back into the report design at a later time. If you might have a need for data in the column later on, you can hide the column, and display it whenever necessary. You can optimize the layout of a report by adjusting the width of report columns according to the space occupied by column data.
How to reorder columns
1 Select and right‑click the column. Choose ColumnReorder Columns. Reorder Columns appears, as shown in Figure 7‑1.
2 In Available Columns, select the column to move. Choose the up or down arrow on the right until the column is in the correct position. Moving a column up in the list moves it to the left in the report. Moving a column down in the list moves it to the right in the report.
Choose OK.
Figure 7‑1 Arranging columns in Interactive Viewer
How to remove one or more columns from the report
To remove a column, select and right‑click the column. Choose ColumnDelete Column.
To remove multiple columns, press Ctrl and select each column.
How to hide a column
Select and right‑click a column. Choose ColumnHide Column. Interactive Viewer displays the report without the selected column.
How to display a hidden column
Select and right‑click a column. Choose ColumnShow Column. Show columns appears listing the hidden columns. In Pick Hidden Column, select the column to display. Choose OK. The column appears in the report.
How to modify column width
Select the column. Place the cursor on the right or left border of the highlighted column. Using the cursor, drag the border inwards or outwards to increase or decrease the width of the selected column.