Searching a volume
Information Console enables you to use filters that can limit the number of files displayed. The user creates a filter by specifying a text string in a file name to display only the items containing the string. Information Console displays the list items containing that string. Filtering is not case-sensitive.
Users and administrators can use filters to search the following navigation pane items:
Information Console filters on Name. Additionally, you can use the Filter menu to include or exclude the following items in the search results:
*Latest version only
*My Jobs
Information Console filters on job name. Additionally, users can include or exclude jobs that succeeded or failed in the results.
Information Console applies filters based on the job name.
How to filter a tabular list
1 Type inv in the Search field. Choose Apply. A list of files having names containing the string ‘inv’ appear in the display pane, as shown in Figure 2‑2.
Figure 2‑2 Filter for list items having names containing inv
2 In the Filter menu, deselect Documents, as shown in Figure 2‑3. Then, choose Apply.
Figure 2‑3 Deselecting Documents and choosing Apply
Information Console executes the filter condition to exclude all BIRT document files from the previous results, as shown in Figure 2‑4.
Figure 2‑4 Excluding document files from the results
3 To clear the filter and restore the original list, choose Reset.
How to filter reports in My Jobs
1 In My Jobs, choose Completed. A list of all completed file jobs appears.
2 In Search, type a string. Use the wildcard asterisk (*) character to broaden the search. For example, to display all job names that start with Customer, type:
Choose Apply. Information Console displays jobs that match the filter condition you specified. As shown in Figure 2‑5, only jobs with names that begin with the word Customer appear.
Figure 2‑5 Filtering jobs
3 You can also use the Filter menu to create a filter that displays all completed jobs that succeeded or all completed jobs that failed.