Adding a file or folder
You create a folder in the volume that functions as a repository for files, such as BIRT design, BIRT document, and BIRT data object files. Developers use design tools to create design files to publish to the volume.
You can also upload a file to the volume from your local file system. To add a file from the local file system to a specific folder in Information Console, users require visible and write access privileges to the folder.
If a file with the selected name exists in the destination folder, a new version of the named file with duplicated archive rules, description, and privileges appears in the destination folder. After adding a file, edit the file privileges using the share option. For information about files and folders to which you have access, contact your administrator.
When you create a folder or upload a file, consider the string length that you use for that item’s name and options. BIRT iHub imposes a fixed upper limit on the length of text strings that you provide for options such as names, descriptions, file types, and URLs. For more information, see Naming a file or folder.
How to add a file
1 In a volume, navigate to a folder to which you want to add a file.
2 Choose Upload, as shown in Figure 2‑7.
Figure 2‑7 Opening Add File
3 Select Browse. On your file system, navigate to the folder containing the file you want to upload.
4 Select the file and choose Open. File displays the name of the selected file.
5 Accept the default selection of Create a new version, as shown in Figure 2‑8.
Figure 2‑8 Selecting file upload options
6 If a file with the same file name already exists in the destination folder, optionally select the following options:
*Copy file privileges for the new file from the current folder or the most recent version of the file that exists in the folder.
*If a file already exists in the folder, you can select options to copy the description and autoarchive rules from the latest version of the file.
*Use the volume default privileges for files of this type for the new file.
*To expand a compressed file in ZIP or TAR format when adding it to the folder, select Expand archive.
Choose OK. The file appears in the destination folder.
How to add a new folder
1 In the navigation pane, navigate to a folder in which you want to add the new folder. For example, to add a folder to the root directory, choose Documents in the navigation pane.
2 In the inner banner, choose Add Folder, as shown in Figure 2‑9.
Figure 2‑9 Choosing to add a folder
3 In Name, type a name for the folder. In Description, optionally, type a description. Then, choose OK, as shown in Figure 2‑10.
Figure 2‑10 Specifying a name and description for a folder