Understanding saving options
Table 3‑6 describes the available saving options you can specify.
Table 3‑6 Saving options
Optionally type a headline to appear in the output document.
Output Location
If you have a home folder, Information Console selects Home folder by default. If you do not have a home folder, Information Console selects Other, specifying the location of the folder containing the design or document being run. Accept one of these locations or specify a different location in Other.
Document Name
The name Information Console gives to the output document. Accept the default value, the name of the design being run, or type a different name.
Version Name
Optionally type a version name to distinguish one version of a particular output document from another.
Document Format
The format of the output document.
Optionally specify whether Information Console sends e‑mail notification of job completion. Select No Attachment to receive the notification without the output document attached. Select Attachment with <document format type> to receive the notification with the output document attached, in the selected format.
If the File Already Exists
Provides the following options for how to handle any existing versions of the output document:
*Create a new version
Creates a new version of the output document.
*Keep only the latest n version(s)
Select whether to keep the latest n versions. Specify a number for n from 1-99.
*Replace the latest version
Replaces the latest version.
Copy permissions from
Either copies the privileges of the location folder to the output document, or copies the privileges of the most recent version of the document to the scheduled job.
The following example in Figure 3‑4 shows the options available in the Save As dialog box.
Figure 3‑4 Setting options on the saved document