Changing font properties and alignment
You can change the font properties of editable labels, column headers, and data in a column to specify the font type, size and color, and the background color. You can also make the text bold, italic, or underlined. Additionally, you can change the alignment of text in a label or a column.
When you change the font properties or text alignment for a label or a column of data, the changes you make override the formats in the template or theme. To revert an element to its default font formats, select the element, choose Font, and set the properties to Auto.
How to change font properties
1 Select the label, column header, or column. A box appears around the selected element.
2 Choose Font. Font, as shown in Figure 7‑1, displays the current font property values. A value of Auto means the property uses a default value, which is specified by a theme, the template, or the software.
Figure 7‑1 Setting font properties
3 Use the drop-down lists to specify the font, size, and size unit for the selected element.
4 In Color, and Background Color, do one of the following, as shown in Figure 7‑2:
*Select a color in Basic Colors.
Figure 7‑2 Specifying a custom color using the color picker
*Select Custom Colors, and use the spectrum bar to specify a color group. Then, select a shade in the gradient square, and choose Pick Color, as shown in Figure 7‑2. The selected options appear in the Preview field.
The RGB value of the selected color appears in Color. Choose OK.
How to change the alignment of text
You can change text alignment in editable labels, column headers, and columns. Select and right‑click the element, then choose an alignment option.