Working with hyperlinks
Using Report Studio, you can create hyperlinks in report columns, summary tables, or charts. These hyperlinks can be dynamically generated, based on EasyScript expressions that link to a data field. For example, if you select a hyperlink in a country column, and the target contains a filter parameter on the values in this column, using Hyperlink Builder, you can build an expression so that the user is prompted to supply a value for which the report displays data. When a hyperlink in the source report is selected, the target report prompts the user to provide a value for the data field containing parameters. Data‑driven expressions are also supported when linking to an external URL. Like Excel, EasyScript provides functions for performing calculations on report data. In BIRT iHub, Report Studio does not support creating a dynamic data‑driven expression for required parameters where no default value is supplied.
The example shown in Figure 12‑3 displays a source report with a hyperlink in the country section. Figure 12‑4 show parts of the target cross tab report. The hyperlink uses a bookmark defined in the target cross tab to identify the content to retrieve when a user activates the link in the source report.
Figure 12‑3 Choosing a hyperlink in the source report
Choosing the hyperlink in the source report launches the target cross tab report displaying sales details for all countries. Make sure the target report is stored in the iHub volume.
Figure 12‑4 shows a portion of the cross tab displaying the quarterly sales and order quantity details by city and country for three years. When a user selects the hyperlink in the source report, Actuate Viewer displays the target cross tab report.
Figure 12‑4 Viewing the target cross tab report