Working with default hyperlinks
In Report Studio, when you create a new report using a data object that contains data fields with links to additional information, such as subreports or charts, a report developer can enable or disable user access to the linked data.
Hyperlinks that exist in a data object are enabled by default. When you select and insert data into the BIRT design, you can disable these hyperlinks using Table Builder or Hyperlink Builder. You can also use Hyperlink Builder to modify the properties of the existing hyperlinks.
How to enable default hyperlinks in a BIRT report using Table Builder
1 Create a new BIRT design and select a data object with hyperlinks. The data fields appear in Available Data, as shown in Figure 12‑16.
2 In Table Builder—Data, if necessary, select Use Default Hyperlink, as shown in Figure 12‑16.
Figure 12‑16 Accepting the option to display default hyperlinks
3 In Available Data, select one or more data fields containing hyperlinks, and choose the right arrow. The data fields appear in Current Column Selections.
Choose OK. Report Studio displays the BIRT design displaying any predefined hyperlinks, as shown in Figure 12‑17. Choose each hyperlink to view the associated content.
Figure 12‑17 BIRT design displaying default hyperlinks
How to disable default hyperlinks in a BIRT design using Hyperlink Builder
1 Create a new BIRT design using a data object design or data object store file.
2 Select a data set with data fields containing hyperlinks. Table Builder appears.
3 On Table Builder, choose Cancel. The data fields appear in Available Data.
4 Select the data fields to display in the BIRT design, then choose Insert. The data fields appear in the BIRT design, displaying existing hyperlinks.
5 Select a hyperlinked column, then choose Hyperlink from the context menu. Hyperlink Builder appears.
6 On Hyperlink Builder, in Hyperlink Type, select No link, as shown in Figure 12‑18.
Figure 12‑18 Disabling an existing hyperlink
7 Choose OK. The data fields appear in the BIRT design as regular data columns without displaying hyperlinks.