Working with a measure column
Every summary table must contain at least one measure column to display aggregate data. A measure column is typically inserted to the right of any dimension and attribute columns in a summary table. When you insert a measure column in a summary table, aggregate data is displayed based on the default aggregation function set by the developer at the time of creating the data set. You can modify the aggregate function and add additional aggregation functions using Report Studio.
How to add an aggregate calculation
You can apply multiple aggregate functions to a single measure column in a summary table. To add an aggregate function, complete the following steps:
1 In Available Data, double‑click the measure column.
Select Subtotal Function appears, as shown in Figure 4‑16.
2 In Select Subtotal Function, select an aggregate function from the drop‑down list.
3 Choose OK. The measure column you selected appears in the BIRT design displaying aggregate values for the new aggregate function you defined.
Figure 4‑16 Adding an aggregate function
When you move a measure column in a summary table, you can move it among other measure columns.
To delete a measure column, select the column, and choose Delete.