Using a custom template
To use a custom template as a starting point for a report design, you must define the template folder. The New Report wizard includes all custom templates in the list of available templates. Figure 29‑34 shows an example of a custom template that has a preview image and a description.
Figure 29‑34 Using a custom template
If the template does not supply some of the optional template properties, the New Report wizard displays default values. Figure 29‑35 shows how such a template appears. No description appears for this template. Because this template does not specify a preview image, BIRT Report Designer displays a thumbnail representation of the template’s layout in Preview.
Figure 29‑35 Template having no description or template image
After you choose Finish in the New Report wizard, BIRT Report Designer displays the layout of the template in the layout editor. All the report elements in the template, such as data sources, data sets, and visual report items, are available for editing in the same way that you edit report elements in one of BIRT’s predefined templates.
A template can include template report items in the layout as well as standard report items. You can see the appearance of a template report item in Figure 29‑30, earlier in this section. To edit a template report item, follow the instructions displayed in the item.
How to use a template report item
To use a template report item, you must create a report design from a template that contains a template report item.
1 Create a report design. In the New Report wizard, choose the Chart and Listing predefined template.
2 Perform the steps in the cheat sheet adjacent to the layout editor. The final instruction is to edit the chart. This template item appears in the layout with an appropriate icon and instructional text, as shown in Figure 29‑36. The text supplements the instructions in the cheat sheet. In this case, the instructions are similar.
Figure 19-10 Using a template report itemFigure 19-10 Using a template report item
Figure 29‑36 Using a template report item
When you double-click the template report item, BIRT changes the template report item to a standard report item. The chart now appears as a standard chart element in the layout.
3 Double-click the chart element. The chart builder appears.
4 Set up the chart as described earlier in this online help.
5 To discard the changes that you made to the chart, right-click the chart element, and choose Undo Edit Chart.
6 Right-click the chart element again, and choose Undo Transfer to Report Item. The chart now appears as the original template report item, as shown in Figure 29‑36