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Using Actuate BIRT Java Components
Introducing Actuate Java Components
Using Actuate Java Components
About Actuate Deployment Kits
Managing files and folders
Getting started with Actuate Java Components
Navigating BIRT Deployment Kit
About the banner
About the side menu
About the main display area
Browsing the documents page
Getting detailed information about files and folders
About functionality levels
Working with files
Deleting a file
How to delete a file
Using filters
Enabling the filter option
Filtering items on a documents page
How to filter items on a documents page
Removing filter selections
Setting your locale
Running jobs
Running a job
Running a BIRT report job
How to run a job
Running a run and view spreadsheet report job
How to run a run and view report job
Using parameters
Understanding parameter types
Using multiple-value parameters
Making expressions for ad hoc parameters
How to use the ad hoc parameter builder
Using data types with Query by Example
Using a special character to match one or more characters in a QBE string