About Actuate JavaScript API scripting in a BIRT report design
The scripting features of the BIRT designers support using the JSAPI for the following operations:
*Using the Actuate JavaScript API in an HTML button
*Using the Actuate JavaScript API in chart interactive features
*Using the Actuate JavaScript API in chart themes
Most Actuate JavaScript API functions run when an event occurs. The report element defines the events that it supports. For example, the onRender event occurs when the report renders in the viewer or on a page.
A BIRT report or Reportlet renders in the following ways:
*In BIRT Viewer or Interactive Viewer
*In BIRT Studio
*In Actuate BIRT Designer
*In an Actuate JavaScript API viewer object on a mashup page
All of these products load the actuate.Viewer and actuate.Dialog classes when they render a report, except for the preview functionality in BIRT Designer. Use the View Report in Web Viewer function to view and test Actuate JavaScript API scripts with BIRT Designer, as shown in Figure 17‑1.
Figure 22-16 Chart showing a ToolTipFigure 22-16 Chart showing a ToolTip
Figure 17‑1 Accessing Web Viewer in Actuate BIRT Designer
Most of the classes and functions in the actuate.Viewer class can be used in a BIRT report design without loading or initializing the actuate.Viewer class and. Most of the viewers also load the actuate.Parameters and actuate.DataService classes by default. Define the classes loaded for Actuate JavaScript API mashup page explicitly. Load the DataService, Parameters, and Viewer classes before the API initializes the connection to the reporting web service.