Actuate application URIs quick reference
Table 19‑2 lists the Actuate application URIs. For more information about the application directory structure, see Managing Volumes and Users.
Table 19‑2 Information Console URI pages
Information Console page
Provides file and folder browsing functionality for the submit request pages.
browse page
canceljob page
Creates a folder.
Provides the dashboard interface.
Deletes a scheduled job.
Deletes the completed job notice.
Supports error handling and presenting object details.
do_update page
Supports deleting files or canceling running jobs.
Retrieves an error message from the exception or the request and displays it.
Submits a run report job request to the server.
Supports error handling and presenting file or folder details.
Lists all files and folders for a given path.
getfiledetails page
getfolderitems page
getjobdetails page
Logs in to the reporting web application.
Logs the user out of the current session and clears all user settings, such as filters.
The display page for the repository dashboard with the Information Console banner.
Presents a form to specify output information for report jobs, such as report object name and location.
Lists all requests awaiting execution.
Diagnostics for iHub System components.
Sets file and folder privileges.
Supports error handling and presenting request details.
Lists all requests currently executing.
Lists all requests awaiting execution at specified dates and times.
Searches folders recursively for files and folders.
Submits a scheduled job request to the server.
Displays BIRT documents and the toolbar.