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Using BIRT Data Analyzer
Analyzing data
About cross tabs
About cubes
Working with Data Analyzer
Starting Data Analyzer
How to start Data Analyzer from a document
Accessing a cube view file using a URL
Accessing a data object store file using a URL
Starting Data Analyzer from a data object store file in an Encyclopedia volume
Accessing BIRT Data Analyzer in a web page
Maximizing the cross-tab display area
Formatting a cross tab
About formatting
Applying a theme to a cross tab
How to apply a theme to a cross tab
Selecting a cross-tab element
Viewing details of cross-tab data
Changing font alignment and attributes
How to change font attributes
How to change text alignment
Displaying, hiding, or modifying cross-tab elements
Displaying, hiding, or modifying a header
Setting cross-tab display options
Formatting data based on conditions
Specifying a condition
Comparing to a literal value
Specifying multiple conditional formatting rules
How to set conditional formats
Formatting numbers
Reverting to default formats
Saving a cross tab
Printing a chart or cross tab
How to print a chart or cross tab
Organizing cross‑tab data
About organizing cross-tab data
Displaying dimensions
How to add a dimension to cross‑tab columns
How to remove a dimension from cross‑tab columns
How to add a dimension to cross‑tab rows
How to change the order of dimensions
Displaying measures
How to add a measure to a cross tab
How to remove a measure from a cross tab
How to change the order of measures
Displaying attributes
How to add an attribute to a cross tab
How to remove an attribute from a cross tab
Pivoting a cross tab
Sorting data
How to sort data
How to remove data sorting
Displaying detail and summary data
How to display detail and summary data
Performing calculations in a cross tab
About calculated data
Displaying aggregate data
How to display totals and subtotals
Using calculated data in a cross tab
Using a conditional expression in a cross tab
Using a mathematical calculation in a cross tab
How to create a computed measure using a mathematical calculation
Using a relative time period calculation in a cross tab
How to create a computed measure using a relative time period calculation
% OF
Operators supported in computed measure expressions
Operators supported in conditional formatting and filter condition expressions
Filtering cross‑tab data
About data filtering
Creating a filter
Selecting multiple values for a filter condition
Excluding data
Filtering empty or null values
Specifying a date as a comparison value
Displaying data for relative time periods
Comparing to a string pattern
Displaying top or bottom values
Displaying a list of applied filters
How to edit a filter
How to delete a filter
Working with charts
About charts
Choosing a chart type
About area charts
Overlay area chart
Stacked area chart
Percent stacked area chart
About bar charts
Side‑by‑side bar chart
Stacked bar chart
Percent stacked bar chart
About column charts
Side‑by‑side column chart
Stacked column chart
Percent stacked column chart
About doughnut charts
About line charts
About pie charts
About scatter charts
Displaying a chart
Modifying a chart
How to choose a chart type
Selecting data for a chart
Selecting data for an area, bar, column, line, or scatter chart
Selecting data for a doughnut or pie chart
Selecting a data series using a context menu
Formatting a chart
Editing titles
Selecting a theme
Changing the size of a chart
Changing the chart subtype
Using glass style for a bar or column chart
Changing the inner radius for a doughnut chart
Changing the font
Changing the position of the legend
Formatting labels to fit on the x‑axis
Setting x‑axis labels angle
Staggering x‑axis labels
Displaying x‑axis labels by interval
Changing the number and range of values on the y‑axis
How to format a chart
How to change chart appearance using a theme
Exporting content
About exporting content
Exporting content
Exporting content to Adobe PDF
Exporting content to Adobe PostScript format
Exporting content to Advanced Function Printing format
Exporting content to Microsoft Excel format
Exporting content to Microsoft PowerPoint format
Exporting content to Microsoft Word format
Customizing Data Analyzer
About customizing Data Analyzer
Customizing page styles for Data Analyzer
Limiting the number of levels for drilling up or down